Indigo Foam Insulation is a certified Icynene dealer/applicator.  Icynene Spray Foam Product Portfolio offers construction and building professionals a vast range of open-cell and closed-cell sprayed foam insulation products. All Icynene spray foam insulation products are guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of the building.

Builders and building professionals selecting energy efficient spray foam insulation for their projects have a choice between specifying a 0.5 lb. per cubic foot low-density open-cell or a 2.0 lb per cubic foot medium-density closed-cell product. Both product types are suitable for commercial construction. The decision to specify either one will make a difference in the finished cost, product performance, and application requirements.


Open Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation is a complete insulation and air barrier system that wind proofs and seals wall, floor and ceiling cavities against air movement, including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, at baseboards and where walls meet windows and doors. This means that outside air (either hot or cold) cannot seep through walls, causing drafts or cold spots.

Icynene Classic Max (LD-C-50V2)

This product along with the original LD-C-50 made the Icynene name synonymous with superior quality, open-celled, 0.5lb., and light density spray foam insulation. ICYNENE LD-C-50® has been used in thousands of residential and commercial applications and is the industry benchmark for quality and innovation by which all other light density insulation products should be judged.

By reducing energy consumption and making buildings more sustainable, Icynene is having a positive impact on our planet.


Provides an R-value of 3.7 per in.
Air Barrier: ASTM E283

Ignition Barrier Free (approved for application in attic and crawl spaces WITHOUT Ignition Barrier coating in residential applications.
Does not contain urea-formaldehyde
Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, PDBEs, or HFCs
Bacterial and Fungal Growth and Food Value: Texas Tech. University; not a source of food for mold (no growth)

Reduces energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50%


With Closed Cell Foam you get a higher R-Value per inch (nearly double), moisture/vapor resistance, and it is useful in wall applications with limited depth.

ProSeal MD-C-200VC – Icynene’s premium closed cell product that offers a solution suitable for applications in various climates and altitudes. Because of its high R-value, it is also highly suited for colder climates. In unvented attics, it does not require either a vapor retarder or ignition barrier coating

Air impermeable material
Increased structural integrity for a home or commercial building
High R-Value 7.1 per inch

AABA Approved Air Barrier

Built-in vapor retarder (Class II vapor retarder at 1.5”) and rejects bulk water
Superior cold temperature adhesion to multiple substrates
Code Acceptance for all Construction Types—I, II, III, IV & V
Formulations for all Climate Zones and Altitudes
Low odor