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Thinking of upgrading your insulation? Fall is the time to do it!


With the weather finally starting to cool down ( keeping our fingers crossed for the continuously declining temperatures),  you may be noticing that your home is a bit more chilly earlier in the morning or maybe you need a sweater if you’re up late. Fall is actually a GREAT time to upgrade your home’s traditional insulation to a more effective solution like spray foam insulation, such as that available from  Icynene.

You may be wondering, “Why should I use spray foam insulation?” While there are many reasons to upgrade to foam insulation, one of the main reasons is its ability to create an effective air barrier wherever it is applied. Thanks to the way that spray foam expands just seconds after application, it’s able to fill gaps and tiny holes that traditional insulation might not be able to reach. This can help reduce any cold spots or drafts your home may have, helping to make it more comfortable for everyone in your family.

As well as reducing drafts, if you’re wondering how to reduce heating bills as the winter approaches, upgrading to Spray Foam such as Icynene is an ideal way to do so, thanks to the air barrier it creates.  With air loss significantly minimized, your HVAC unit won’t be forced to compensate for cooler air coming in, or warm air escaping. In fact, you can earn back the investment you made in as little as three years.


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Enjoy Fall With A Comfortable Home!


New Season, New Insulation

With the Fall and Winter season among us, it is time to consider how effective your current insulation is. If your home is insulated with traditional materials such as batts or blown in cellulose,  it is very likely that it isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. Traditional insulation can leave gaps and holes in its coverage over time which will end up allowing drafts into your home, causing you to compensate by raising the thermostat and forcing your heating system to work harder.

atticAn energy efficient retrofit, using spray foam insulation, can be a worth while investment to make.

  • Spray Foam acts as an air barrier wherever applied
  • Effectively air seals your home
  • Reduced air entering and escaping
  • Easy to maintain temperatures
  • Reduces allergens and outdoor pollutants

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Investment Benefi ts of Spray Foam


Spray Foam is also one way to make a key investment in improving your home, both for yourself and for future owners. Spray Foam can help to improve your home’s resale value for many reasons such as:

  • reducing drafts in your home helping to regulate temperature overall, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills and a more energy
    efficient home
  • reducing airborne allergens and pollutants that can enter the home
    making spaces, such as the basement, more livable, due to temperature regulation
  • reducing airborne sound transmission between rooms, making your home quieter and more enjoyable

Keeping your cool – Benefits of Spray Foam in Warm Climates


While we all love basking in the sun, we prefer not to be sweating through sleepless nights due to the cooled air escaping our home. Air loss is expensive and on average, Americans spend $11 billion annually to operate their air conditioners. And with as much as 40% of energy loss occurring through cracks and gaps in the walls, roofs and floors, that is a lot of expensive air that is being lost to the outside.

High performance R-value of spray foam insulation can help you stay cool, but it’s important to know that spray foam insulation is an air barrier which also plays an important role in limiting air loss and keeping you and your family comfortable.
Learn more about the R-value for spray foam insulation and how it, together with an air barrier, can help keep you cool this summer – and all year long!

Saving Energy: It Starts At Home


Like the family featured in the article published by National Geographic (below), a common problem that many older homes face is air leakage ( Up to 40% of energy loss). Releasing your conditioned air and hiking up your energy costs,  air leaks can costs you hundreds of extra dollars per year. When Icynene spray foam insulation is properly installed, it creates an envelope around your home by expanding 100x it application size, filling gaps and sealing your home. This can help save up to 50% on heating a cooling for your home!

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Saving Energy: It Starts At Home

We got some help in Week Two from a professional “house doctor,” Ed Minch, of Energy Services Group in Wilmington, Delaware. We asked Minch to do an energy audit of our house to see if we’d missed any easy fixes. The first thing he did was walk around the outside of the house, looking at how the “envelope” was put together. Had the architect and builder created any opportunities for air to seep in or out, such as overhanging floors? Next he went inside and used an infrared scanner to look at our interior walls. A hot or cold spot might mean that we had a duct problem or that insulation in a wall wasn’t doing its job. Finally his assistants set up a powerful fan in our front door to lower air pressure inside the house and force air through whatever leaks there might be in the shell of the house. Our house, his instruments showed, was 50 percent leakier than it should be.

One reason, Minch discovered, was that our builder had left a narrow, rectangular hole in our foundation beneath the laundry room—for what reason we could only guess. Leaves from our yard had blown through the hole into the crawl space. “There’s your big hit,” he said. “That’s your open window.” I hadn’t looked inside the crawl space in years, so there could have been a family of monkeys under there for all I knew. Sealing up that hole was now a priority, since heating represents up to half of a house’s energy costs, and cooling can account for a tenth.

Air rushing in through the foundation was only part of the problem, however. Much of the rest was air seeping out of a closet on our second floor, where a small furnace unit was located. The closet had never been completely drywalled, so air filtered through insulation in the roof to the great outdoors. Minch recommended we finish the drywalling when the time comes to replace the furnace.


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Why closed cell spray foam is a smart option for continuous insulation


Properly used and installed, all insulation will help reduce the use of energy for heating and cooling in buildings, which will help with sustainable and efficient building performance. When comparing spray foam and board insulation however, there are several notable differences.

  • First, spray foam can more completely and fully insulate and seal a building without joints, gaps, or other interruptions in the continuous insulation. The fact that it adheres to surfaces helps ensure thermal performance.
  • Second, there is normally no waste associated with spray foam compared to board insulation since only the amount of material needed is used. Rigid XPS boards often need to be cut to fit producing scraps and waste.
  • Third, since spray foam is delivered in liquid form, a tractor trailer load of it can hold a significantly greater amount of board feet of insulation than a truck load of rigid foam insulation boards.
  • Fourth, the process for producing spray foam insulation compared to board insulation is different not only in the base material used but also in the type of blowing agents used. Those blowing agents have been independently rated and range widely in terms of Global Warming Potential (GWP). Icynene ProSeal Eco with 100 percent water blown technology offers the lowest rated GWP of 1.  By contrast, XPS chemical blowing agents carry a dramatically higher GWP of over 1,000. It is easy to see which one is more environmentally appropriate based on those numbers.


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To read the full article on Icynene’s website, please click here

Joining states like  Colorado and Washington – Arizona’s Cultivation Centers and Marijuana Grow Houses are popping up all over the valley.  With progressive increases in the cultivation centers around the U.S., growers are beginning to recognize the importance of environment control and the affect it has on their crops.

Medical-Marijuana-Grow-Center_t750x550An important step in creating a climate controlled environment is to insulate your grow room/building using Closed Cell (2lb) Spray Foam. The most common known benefit of using closed cell spray foam is that it helps to seal your space and create an envelope to block out moisture and air infiltration. With the reduction of heat flow and prevention of moisture penetration it is much easier to control the climate of your space resulting in the production of the desired product quality.  In places with extreme weather conditions, as we have in Arizona, properly insulating your grow house is detrimental to the viability of your crops.


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Stay Healthy This Holiday Season with Spray Foam


Fall is upon us and as the weather changes many people suffer from colds and allergies. Pollen, drafts, and dust are just a few of the numerous different airborne irritants that can cause illness this season. With Spray Foam you can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, these factors and enjoy a happy healthy season.

Drafts can be caused when outside air passes through your home. For drafts to pass through your home, you typically have air leaks from gaps and cracks in your insulation or even a small leak in your heating system. Not only can drafts make you cold and sick, but it will inevitably increase your heating bill as your heating system is working harder to compensate for the coldness in your home.

Pollen is known to irritate allergies and can heighten the symptoms of asthma. As with drafts, pollen can easily get into your home through gaps in your insulation. By creating an airtight barrier around your home’s structure, you can help prevent pollen from entering your home and flaring up your allergies.

Dust is huge concern for Arizona residents.  With our constant dust storms, dust can blow into your home through an structural or insulation crack or gap in your home. This can be avoided in the same way as pollen by creating a barrier.


By creating an airtight barrier for your home, you can be rest assured that factors such as drafts, pollen, and dust will be nearly impossible to penetrate your home. Keep your family healthy and happy this Holiday Season with Spray Foam!

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Get your Return on Investment with Spray Foam!


Opening a new location for your business is no small undertaking. During construction it makes sense to invest in high-performance materials like spray foam insulation that will provide your new office or store with comfort and protection.

In addition to supporting your new structure’s thermal envelope, choosing spray foam has a myriad of added benefits that are relevant to the needs of your business. The insulation material has the potential to help reduce sound as well as minimize airborne allergens from entering the office space.  These advantages of spray foam contribute to a more productive work environment.

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Foam your wine room

Society du Vin

If you’re anything like our team here at Indigo, then chances are you LOVE wine. I think we can all agree that there isn’t anything worse than pulling the cork out of a brand new bottle, to find that the flavor is flat and has aged too quickly. Because of high and fluctuating temperatures in your kitchen and laundry rooms, those areas of your home are THE worst place to store your wine. High temperatures can make wine age too quickly and living here in Arizona creates an even greater need to take extra care of our beloved wine collections.

Whether your new home is being built with a wine cellar or you’re adding a wine room into your existing home, you’re going to need to create a customized and climate controlled room to properly store your wine. Closed Cell Foam is the perfect solution. Not only does it create a climate controlled environment but it also rejects bulk water, blocks out air infiltration and moisture, and can provide a rigid and more stable structure which is ideal for wall racking strength.

Indigo uses Icynene Pro Seal Closed Cell Foam. Icynene is always on the forefront of innovation and is constantly testing and reinventing their products making them the leading manufacturer of spray foam in today’s market!


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