Eliminate Noise with Icynene Spray Foam


Your choice of home insulation can turn a home entertainment room into a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you live in an older house or a new one, spray foam insulation can help to dampen sound transmission between rooms.

Spray foam such as Icynene insulation can contribute to dampening air-borne sound transmission. With spray foam insulation you will be able to reduce low- or high-frequency sounds traveling throughout your house.

Perhaps you have a video game enthusiast living in the house, or just love to watch movies in surround sound, in the middle of the night. Why should one family member’s activities have a negative impact on what others do, in the rest of the house?

Whether you’re living in a new home that isn’t performing to your expectations, thinking about an addition, or living in an older home, where the walls are paper thin, there are solutions available that can contribute to dampening sound transfer. Your home can be a relaxed and peaceful place, no matter what is going on.


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Is Spray Foam Safe?


Some homeowners may be unaware of the benefits that spray foam has to offer. In fact, many homeowners may not information on spray foam at all, thus forcing them to ask the question, “Is spray foam safe?” Most homeowners are told that it can save you money by making your home more energy efficient, but is it safe for their families? At Indigo, we exclusively use Icynene Spray Foam products. All Icynene products are tested and meticulously inspected to meet all health and safety standards. With proper insulation, you can be rest assured that it poses no threat to the well being of your family.

Icynene spray foam insulation and its manufacturing plants are regularly tested and inspected by third party agencies to ensure safety and consistent quality of all products. Icynene has been manufacturing spray foam for almost 30 years, making them one of the oldest and well established company in the industry. Because of this, it is one of the most extensively-studied spray foam insulation’s available.

By choosing Indigo and Icynene spray foam products for your home you can breathe easy knowing that you are making a safe choice for your family.



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Prepare for 2016!


Retrofit your home today!
Did you miss your opportunity to create a more energy efficient and cooler home this summer? Give your old home some LOVE by having it retrofitted with Spray Foam Insulation! In Arizona there are only a short 3 months of winter and a long 9 months of warm weather, so take advantage of our services while they last! This is one of the most important improvements that you can make to your home. Improve your air quality, your energy bills, and home value.

Benefits of a retrofit:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Seal any leaks, cracks, and gaps
  • Sealing your home with Icynene spray foam will help prevent rot, water infiltration, and mold
    • Rodents and Termites do not consider spray foam a source of food or nesting material, thus deterring unwanted pests

A quicker way to Retrofit!

Our #1 foam provider, Icynene, has introduced a revised re-occupancy/re-entry allowance for homeowners. With their ultra-low VOC products, Icynene has cut down the re-occupancy allowance by nearly 22 hours. Homeowners can now return to their residence in as little as 2 hours after spraying! Icynene has conducted months of extensive research, testing and third-party evaluation on the two ultra-low VOC products – Icynene Classic Max and Icynene Proseal. Spend a day out with your family and return to a newly insulated home!

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