Enjoy Fall With A Comfortable Home!


New Season, New Insulation

With the Fall and Winter season among us, it is time to consider how effective your current insulation is. If your home is insulated with traditional materials such as batts or blown in cellulose,  it is very likely that it isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. Traditional insulation can leave gaps and holes in its coverage over time which will end up allowing drafts into your home, causing you to compensate by raising the thermostat and forcing your heating system to work harder.

atticAn energy efficient retrofit, using spray foam insulation, can be a worth while investment to make.

  • Spray Foam acts as an air barrier wherever applied
  • Effectively air seals your home
  • Reduced air entering and escaping
  • Easy to maintain temperatures
  • Reduces allergens and outdoor pollutants

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One response on “Enjoy Fall With A Comfortable Home!

  1. Jenna Hunter

    It was amazing to learn that traditional insulation can leave gaps and holes in its coverage over time. It helps that over the past month the house has been getting colder and colder. We will be sure to get our insulation checked and replaced if need be!

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