Stay Healthy This Holiday Season with Spray Foam


Fall is upon us and as the weather changes many people suffer from colds and allergies. Pollen, drafts, and dust are just a few of the numerous different airborne irritants that can cause illness this season. With Spray Foam you can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, these factors and enjoy a happy healthy season.

Drafts can be caused when outside air passes through your home. For drafts to pass through your home, you typically have air leaks from gaps and cracks in your insulation or even a small leak in your heating system. Not only can drafts make you cold and sick, but it will inevitably increase your heating bill as your heating system is working harder to compensate for the coldness in your home.

Pollen is known to irritate allergies and can heighten the symptoms of asthma. As with drafts, pollen can easily get into your home through gaps in your insulation. By creating an airtight barrier around your home’s structure, you can help prevent pollen from entering your home and flaring up your allergies.

Dust is huge concern for Arizona residents.  With our constant dust storms, dust can blow into your home through an structural or insulation crack or gap in your home. This can be avoided in the same way as pollen by creating a barrier.


By creating an airtight barrier for your home, you can be rest assured that factors such as drafts, pollen, and dust will be nearly impossible to penetrate your home. Keep your family healthy and happy this Holiday Season with Spray Foam!

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