Joining states like  Colorado and Washington – Arizona’s Cultivation Centers and Marijuana Grow Houses are popping up all over the valley.  With progressive increases in the cultivation centers around the U.S., growers are beginning to recognize the importance of environment control and the affect it has on their crops.

Medical-Marijuana-Grow-Center_t750x550An important step in creating a climate controlled environment is to insulate your grow room/building using Closed Cell (2lb) Spray Foam. The most common known benefit of using closed cell spray foam is that it helps to seal your space and create an envelope to block out moisture and air infiltration. With the reduction of heat flow and prevention of moisture penetration it is much easier to control the climate of your space resulting in the production of the desired product quality.  In places with extreme weather conditions, as we have in Arizona, properly insulating your grow house is detrimental to the viability of your crops.


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